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The logging operations are carried out exclusively by BSG employees. All the logging machineries, fleet of transport vehicles, tug boats and road maintenance machineries are owned by BSG.

The bulk of the logs species found in BSG’s concessions have good commercial values and very suitable for various types of further downstream processing activities. Beside Okoume, exotic species such as Kevazingo, Ovangkol, Abga, Beli, Okan, Padouk and etc can be found abundantly in BSG’s concession. The annual production capacity is approximately 200,000m3 of round logs of logs.


BSG has three sawmill plants have twenty eight bandsaw production lines and two horizontal saws in total. The annual production capacity is approximately 72,000m3 of sawn timber (depending on species).The finished sawn timber is transported to the port of loading by BSG’s trucks.

The Gabonese Republic acknowledges the important contributions of forestry sector to the economy of Gabon and has taken steps to provide a conducive environment for further development and investment in downstream industries and activities.


Wood in “green” condition must be kiln-dried in order to be used as construction grade lumber for building purpose, as an example.

Lumber production is a complex process in which green timber is sawn, dried and processed. The natural air-drying of lumber can be a long process, so oftentimes lumber will be kiln-dried to speed the process along.


BSG has full fleet of vehicles and machineries for lease/rent, ranging from tug boat, bulldozer, wheel loader, logging truck, sawn timber truck, compactor, motor grader and so on. Leasing can be arranged from monthly basis to yearly basis.